A study of the role of the group planner, selling to groups, and planning itineraries. Students will research all components of a tour package, tour costing, advertising and promotion, group dynamics, and tour guide qualifications. Students will identify areas of tour successful tour business. This class will enhance the knowledge and understanding of the students on the economic benefits of group travel in many areas of interest, events, sports, cultural, festival, and meetings. Upon completion of this course students will be able to identify potential groups, group management of groups. business and management of groups.

Bangladesh is now a developing country. But it’s a matter of great regret that around Eighty Lakh (80,00,000) of our population are unemployed. Among them 70-75% are from middle class and lower middle class. Tourism is one of the biggest sector in Bangladesh in the field of economics. But the employees of this sector are untrained and lack of English proficiency. That enforce them to bear low salary range. We want to train those people and make them competent. Besides, in Bangladesh there are many foreigners who are working for government organizations and NGO’s. They face difficulty to communicate with Bengali people for both personal and professional purposes and that enforce them to backstep. We will facilitate them to learn Bengali for both personal and professional purposes. So, come, see, complete the courses, be an expert and look forward.
Md Sakhawat Hossain

Getting Started With GTLI for Tourism and Language Course

A course plan includes not only the goals and the content topics, but also how the topics will be taught and what the students will do during the course.