* Bengali for Foreigner

This course is meant for foreigners interested in learning Bengali within a short time and on their own. Bengali for Foreigners is expected to provide a convenient stepping stone to the Bengali language.


*Proficiency in English

This Basic English Language course aims at helping students develop a positive, constructive and practical approach to effective written and oral communication for educational and self improvement. The purpose of the course is to build confidence among the students and encourage them to write and speak proper English.


*Ticketing & Tourism Reservation

Study the basics of the travel and tourism industry and understand what it takes to become a successful travel agent. Learn how to provide the best flight. accommodation and tour options, and how to ensure clients fulfill all necessary travel requirements.

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Student identify and plan a local or international group tour .Student will be responsible for determining .
What our Happy Student Say
“Language has such power over the human mind. If one learns to use language wisely, one would be successful in all one’s ventures.”
Elena Miles